Open Access to a Colonoscopy Screening

The Open Access Program makes scheduling a screening colonoscopy easy

Dr. Weisberg offers Open Access for screening colonoscopy.

It has been shown that 60% of colorectal cancer deaths could be prevented with screening. The Open Access Program allows healthy patients to skip the initial office visit and receive the potentially life-saving procedure. This is appropriate for healthy patients who need a screening colonoscopy and who would like to avoid the extra time and expenses of a consultation prior to their colonoscopy.

 Who is a Candidate?

  • Patients age 45 and above who had not previously had one
  • Patients with no symptom associated with their colon (example: no chronic constipation or diarrhea)
  • Anyone who needs a screening and has not had one

What are the Benefits?

  • Receiving a Screening Colonoscopy while skipping the inconvenience of an initial office visit.
  • Qualified patients save time and the expense of an office visit co-pay.
  • For Referring Physicians, this program provides an easier path to schedule a procedure for reluctant patients.

How does the program work?

  • The first step is to have an Open Access form completed. Ways to complete and return the form are
    • Print, complete form and fax your form To 972-867-7785
    • You can also call our office. My staff will be happy to take your information over the phone.
  • Once your Open Access form is received by Dr. Weisberg’s office.  Dr. Weisberg will review the form and any necessary medical records. Next, the Open Access Team will contact you to set up the procedure and/or an office visit.


**Participation in the Open Access Program is conditional upon insurance approval and medical history.**