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Rely on telemedicine to still get excellent gastrointestinal healthcare during the coronavirus pandemic

If you are concerned about your gastrointestinal health during the COVID-19 outbreak, you can still see Dr. Weisberg through a telemedicine appointment. These virtual meetings take place on a computer or a phone. We highly recommend that you schedule a consultation if you need a routine gastrointestinal checkup, are having gastrointestinal problems or want a new patient visit. Taking care of ongoing or new gastrointestinal issues is vital to a healthy immune system.

It’s easy to schedule a telemedicine appointment

Call our office at (972) 867-0019 and ask for Mayra or Kerri to schedule your telemedicine visit. They will walk you through the easy steps to schedule a virtual appointment. You can discuss your symptoms and health condition with Dr. Weisberg from the comfort of your home, an excellent option as we cope with the coronavirus crisis.

Dr. Weisberg is also scheduling new patients for virtual visits. You must be a Texas resident to schedule an appointment.

We are taking every safety precaution in our office during in-person visits

Some issues require an in-person visit, but you can rest assured that our staff is working diligently to ensure that our patients are safe during their time in the office. Dr. Weisberg wants you to know that you should not hesitate to come in for an in-person appointment, if he determines it is necessary. We are very aware of everyone’s concerns about the coronavirus and are taking the extra steps needed to protect patients and staff.

Your gastrointestinal health and safety are always our top priorities, particularly during this national health emergency. Dr. Weisberg provides the same meticulous care and attention during a telemedicine appointment as you enjoy during your in-person consultations. For more information about virtual visits, contact us here or by phone at (972) 867-0019. Taking care of your health is especially important during the coronavirus crisis.

Podcast Interview

Podcast interview (9/19/19) with Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, North Texas & Oklahoma Chapter